Which Wood Flooring Is The Best Choice?

Which Wood Flooring Is The Best Choice?

Hardwood flooring is one of the most classic construction materials. Elegant old residences frequently have it, as do many of today’s finest modern homes. It’s no surprise that laying hardwood flooring is a popular home renovation job, since it adds warmth, beauty, and value to any house.

So, with over 50 varieties to pick from, where do you even begin? Our specialists have a good grasp on the best varieties of engineered hardwood flooring available today thanks to decades of testing and evaluations at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

5 Best Hardwood Flooring

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This is by far the most common hardwood flooring species. Stats show that almost 70% of the floors put in are oak. Whether red or white oak, the species is long-lasting and reasonably cheap, and its light tone allows timber to be dyed in practically any color.

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Maple, like oak, is readily accessible and a popular choice for low-cost remodels. It’s not that it looks cheap or performs poorly. Using sugar maple, so named because it generates sap, will result in an extraordinarily solid, durable wood floor with a mild, yet appealing grain structure. Maple’s tones span from creamy white to reddish brown, so you may stain it almost any color you choose.

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Choose domestic ash if you want something different than oak or maple but don’t want to go as far as an exotic hardwood from another continent. It is considerably tougher than oak and is thus suited for high-traffic areas.

It goes on to say that the species is becoming more widely available, and hence less expensive, as many ash trees are being killed off by the emerald ash borer, an Asian invasive bug.

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Domestically produced black walnut is a popular choice among those seeking mid-tone wood flooring that makes a space feel warmer and cozier. The grain pattern of walnut is typically straight and open; however, it can have some movement depending on the cut.

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Though it is no longer as fashionable as it was at the turn of the century, cherry is making a resurgence among homeowners who prefer the rich aesthetic of dark floors. Manufacturers also tell us that the species is reviving as a retro-inspired, nostalgic flooring option. Another advantage of cherry is that it mimics several exotic tropical hardwoods, which are increasingly difficult to get due to global supply chain concerns.

What is the most long-lasting hardwood flooring?

Brazilian walnut has a Janka score of 3,680, popular white oak has an average hardness of 1,360, and southern yellow pine has a Janka score of 870. If you want the most durable hardwood floor available, pre-finished is the way to go because the factory application is hard and solid, and frequently requires numerous coatings. Keep in mind that other elements, such as how the wood is cut and how the finish coat is applied, have an influence on durability.

Is it preferable to have pre-finished or raw hardwood flooring?

The biggest advantage of choosing unfinished flooring that will be stained and finished on-site is that you have complete control over the color. If you’re custom-matching new hardwood floors with existing ones in your house, it could be worth it. Pre-finished wood is often stronger, and you won’t have to worry about the odors and off-gassing associated with on-site finishing.

You’ll have a choice of shine on the finish regardless of which route you take. The lower the shine, the less noticeable wear and tear will be. Matte and satin coatings have the least amount of glare. Semi-gloss coatings have a sheen and reflect light. Since gloss coatings reflect the most light, they are not recommended for high-traffic areas because they reveal scratches.

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