Reasons Why Renovators Prefer Tiles Over Concrete

Reasons Why Renovators Prefer Tiles Over Concrete

Do you like the cool, modern look of designer tiles but are concerned about the cost of installing and sealing exposed concrete flooring? You are not alone in this.

For many years, exposed concrete has been a popular flooring choice, and it continues to attract a diverse spectrum of homeowners searching for a fashionable and modern flooring solution. But, while making major selections concerning your house, it is critical to consider your lifestyle. Due to the obvious drawbacks of bare concrete flooring, many Australian renovators are opting for concrete-look tiles instead.

disadvantages of exposed concrete flooring

The primary disadvantages of exposed concrete flooring are:

  • Installing concrete in your home is a large process that normally needs a crew of workers to accomplish.
  • Regular sealing is required – concrete flooring requires continuing treatment to be durable. Bear in mind that these expenses add up.
  • It can be discolored and damaged by moisture – Concrete is a porous material that is easily stained and damaged by spilled liquids. Water from a leaking fridge or dishwasher, as well as regular usage from a family bathroom, can irreversibly harm concrete if it is not properly sealed or treated. This can easily escalate into an expensive issue for homeowners.

Top Reasons to Prefer Tiles Over Concrete

Top Reasons to Prefer Tiles Over Concrete


Tile is an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers since it does not harbor mold, germs, dust mites, or bacteria. Chemical requirements for cleaning and surface maintenance are reduced, resulting in a lower indoor environmental effect.


One of the many advantages of tile flooring is that it can be used in any room of the house. Of course, while tiles are most usually associated with bathrooms and kitchens, that is not their sole use.

Tile can be used in portions of your bedroom or throughout. It is also useful in living rooms, particularly if you have dogs and need to keep the area clean.

Various Choices

The variety of tiles available ranges from porcelain tile floors to stick-on tiles and everything in between. Then there are the design possibilities. Almost every color, pattern, or style is available. There are even various forms and sizes

Hence, whichever aesthetic type you’re looking for, you’ll discover the tiles to fit your design desires. You may personalize your house.

Simple and Inexpensive

As compared to other flooring alternatives, tile is one of the least expensive and easiest to install. There isn’t much foundation floor preparation required.

Furthermore, the minimal upkeep and longevity of tile flooring mean that you won’t be spending much money beyond the original expenditure.

Maintenance and Upkeep

While porcelain tile flooring has both advantages and disadvantages, one of the most significant advantages is that it is simple to maintain. This makes tile flooring an excellent choice for your bathroom and kitchen, which should be as sterile and clean as possible. Spills on the floor will not grow into dirty stains, pet dander will not become trapped in tiles, and your flooring will always be sparkling clean with no effort. Unlike hardwood floors or carpets, tile flooring requires less care and will save you time and money. Your tile flooring, like everything else in your home, will require frequent sweeping and mopping.
That’s all you’ll need to keep your tiles looking great for years to come.

Ideal for high-traffic

Tiles will last for many years in sections of your home that get a lot of foot traffic. After years of walking on the floors, wood, and carpets will begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear.

Nonetheless, because tile is one of the most durable flooring alternatives, it is a good choice for practically any room in your house.

Long Lasting

As the globe gets more ecologically conscious and eco-friendly, homeowners obviously desire to build a more sustainable house. Due to the wide range of tile materials available, you may select the most environmentally responsible solution.

Made from renewable resources.

Stone tile, on the other hand, has a lengthy lifespan and may even be recycled. Hence, if you’re seeking environmentally friendly flooring solutions, tile is the way to go.

Improve the air quality

If you have allergies or are worried about the air quality in your house, tile flooring is the finest option. Carpet fibers collect a lot of pollen, dust, filth, and pet dander, which is difficult to remove with a basic vacuum.

Moreover, laminates made of synthetic materials emit volatile organic compounds, which pollute the air in your house. Tiles do not trap allergens and are simple to clean. This is especially beneficial for people who have asthma or seasonal allergies.


Trends, styles, and alternatives! There is a tile style to suit every taste, from ultra-modern to rustic to classic. With so many color, texture, and form possibilities, tile allows you to express yourself in any environment, inside or out. Tile’s true strength is its adaptability.

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