Trending Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Trending Ceramic and porcelain tiles

It’s time to modernize your home or commercial space with eye-catching, durable tiles! These top tile flooring suggestions will make your floor appear beautiful anywhere, especially in restrooms, restaurants, or office spaces. Over the past ten years or so, the popularity of tiles has skyrocketed. The industry has been replicating the newest concrete, marble and wood looks and boasting the most cutting-edge designs, textures, and patterns in the flooring market. This trend roundup will provide you with all the details on how views and preferences will change in the coming years and become a lot more exciting, bold, daring and fun! Be prepared to see an emphasis on massive planks that resemble wood, dramatic patterns, forms, and luxury tiles, as well as numerous young, new aesthetics that carry contemporary or modern appeal to enhance a desiring ambiance.

Subway Ceramic Tiles

Subway Ceramic Tiles

In kitchens and bathrooms, it’s fairly usual to see tiles that mimic subway stones. Manufacturers are forced to go above and beyond by providing breathtakingly realistic stone effects in slate, travertine, limestone, and other materials due to the continuing demand for these natural aesthetics in affordable tile. To create the most traditional stone appearance, Paradigm Surfaces suggests sticking with marble, limestone, or soft slate looks but rather in the porcelain and ceramic family for durability purposes. They both seem tidy, lovely and timeless.

Stark Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles

Dare to be BOLD! In particular, matte dark tiles. We are all aware that rich dark tones are easy to compliment, making them the ideal accent, particularly in contemporary and Scandinavian designs. Clients are favoring these looks more since it portrays a stylish sense and is ominous. Black floor tiles frequently come in more inventive forms, such as hexagons and geometric figures because this is more typical of modern trends.

Speaking of timeless, black and white tiles are also slowly but surely making a reappearance. This year, the striking contrast of black and white checkerboard tiles and bold, dramatic chevrons is likely to leave a lasting impression.

Gold Calacatta Porcelain Tiles

Renowned manufacturers have been making ever-larger individual tiles, extra-large tiles have been popular for a while. Large-format tiles enlarge the space they’re in, especially if you go with a light hue. Larger tiles also mean fewer grout lines. Tile cleaning might be difficult because of the grout. It is easier to stain than the tile, and because it is somewhat sunken from the tile, it is more difficult to reach and scrub thoroughly. So, there is a tendency here. The bathroom is the exception to this rule, where large format tile is still very fashionable and will remain for a very, very long time. For your residential or commercial space, Paradigm Surfaces offers you the best selection of luxury tiles!

Design Porcelain Tile

Nothing makes a statement like ornamental porcelain tiles, which are being used by more and more people to express their personality through their floors. Here’s your chance to apply cutting-edge graphic techniques to turn your floor into a work of art. To match the rest of your room, you may choose decorative tile flooring in a range of styles. The Roaring 20s have returned! Enjoy the glitz of art deco tiles with sophisticated geometric patterns. The focus of this look is on polish, luster, and strong contrasts with a hint of gold for example.

Penny Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles

Manufacturers are getting more inventive with porcelain/ceramic tile forms and shapes, delivering eye-catching aesthetics in unexpected shapes as typical square tiles appear to be going out of style. Your floors will look more exquisite with the help of circular floor tiles or feature walls. These mosaic tiles, which are decorated with tiny coin-sized circles, are sometimes known as penny tiles or penny rounds. For a boutique look, they are frequently used with contrasting colors and finishes. For your house or place of business, Paradigm Surfaces offers the greatest porcelain/ceramic tiles and mosaics!

Large floor tiles are the ideal method to draw attention to a room and give it the impression and feel of a grand scale. Do you want your kitchen to have the ideal industrial design, your bathroom to have a Scandinavian minimalist vibe, or your living room to have a modern farmhouse aesthetic? With these tiles, you may showcase your strong sense of interior designing in almost any type of home or office space! Head to our website to learn more about the best designer porcelain/ceramic tiles and adapt yourself to new, stylish tile for wall and flooring? We provide sophisticated solutions in porcelain tiles and much more for you! Our company specializes in offering top-quality designer tile and flooring options exclusive to our market. Call us at 778-592-4500 for professional guidance on the best tile option for your space. Our trained crew is always happy to assist you with all of your flooring needs.