A Guide To Buying Luxury Laminate Flooring

A Guide To Buying Luxury Laminate Flooring

Are you interested in installing luxury laminate flooring in your house or for your workspace? Choosing the right laminate flooring can be a little overwhelming with the innumerous collection of styles and goods available. By providing all the information you require to identify the ideal laminate floor for your application, this guide makes your decision-making process easier.

The hottest flooring trend right now is wood-like flooring, and luxury laminate flooring gives homeowners an accessible method to get their desired wood floor look. Despite other emerging fads, vinyl or laminate flooring remains the standard go-to alternative to wood flooring because it is a durable and low-maintenance option.

Solid hardwood, stone, and tile are among the top options for raising a home’s value, according to real estate professionals, while luxury laminate flooring comes in second. It might be difficult to navigate the laminate flooring industry, though. Where do you even begin when making a purchase when considering Luxury Vinyl flooring, underlayment, and styles?

Important Things To Consider While Buying Laminate Flooring

Important Things To Consider While Buying Laminate Flooring

LV Flooring

There are other options for durable and simple installation than luxury laminate floors. When you next visit the home center, check out the luxury vinyl (LV) flooring selection. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP), which resembles wood, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT), which resembles ceramic tile. Both are among the world’s easiest flooring kinds to install, very robust, and waterproof to the fullest extent. Luxury vinyl is a fantastic alternative to uneven subfloors because of its flexibility but it is extremely important to level out the surfaces.


Foam underlayment is required for any luxury laminate flooring. Underlayment gives the floor a somewhat softer feel and stops it from clicking as you walk across it. Due to the subfloor’s minor irregularities being evened out, installing the planks is also made simpler. Self-adhesive tape is sometimes used in underlayment to connect one row to the next. Others demand a different tape. Use whatever is necessary with caution. Purchase the unique tool for installing wood and luxury laminate floors as well. It will be necessary to join the flooring ends where each row touches a wall.

Keep wide planks away with an uneven base.

Wider planks will be more difficult to snap together over uneven flooring, end joints won’t stay flat with one another, and there will be larger gaps between the planks as you walk on the floor. Therefore, if your concrete or wood flooring is particularly uneven, it would be best to choose a narrower plank type and apply the floor leveling compound thoroughly.

Board dimensions

The luxury laminate flooring seems more lifelike the thicker it gets. Thicker laminate is also significantly more resilient. You need it to be at least 8mm thick. An excellent, high-quality floor will range in thickness from 8 to 12 mm. A paper-thin floor is not what you want since it will soon wear out and be much harsher on your feet.

The environment in the room

What goals do you have for your new flooring? Would you want the space to seem larger? If so, use laminate with broad planks or in light colors to lighten the room and give it the impression of being larger. On the other hand, opulent, rich patterns will make the space cozier.

Traffic on foot

Are you installing the new laminate in a place with a lot of foot traffic? Is it a location where kids and animals could go and perhaps bring dirt with them? Take into account the location of the house as well as the shoes the individuals using the space are wearing. Also bear in mind that pet hair shows out against dark flooring, but dark laminates will show less grime. Both of these difficulties would be well balanced with a beautiful wood laminate. Another excellent choice is a laminate with a stone texture.

Associated rooms

Examine the adjacent flooring when you are simply changing the flooring in one or two rooms. You don’t want to pick a laminate that contrasts with the flooring you already have. Choose a hue that complements or matches the adjacent rooms.

The flooring’s warranty

Your flooring should ideally be durable enough to withstand whatever life may throw at it. You should pick a laminate that is covered by a guarantee just in case it doesn’t. The majority of the high-quality ones include a 30-year warranty that covers flaws like peeling, staining, fading, and other things. If you decide on flooring without it, you might want to change your mind. As a result, they don’t stand behind their goods because they are aware that they won’t last that long.

You’ll have peace of mind and achieve the appearance you desire with no worry if you hire a professional. One crucial aspect of construction that is sometimes disregarded is the necessity of minimizing interruption to your home and daily routine. It’s important to remember that you may carry on living during a short or lengthy remodeling. The greatest consulting and installation should be provided to you by Paradigm Surfaces. You can contact our professionals whenever you want because we are at your service seven days a week 🙂

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